Carter Efe & Berri-Tiga Drag Each Other Over ‘Machala’ Song Ownership (See Full Gist Here)

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Carter Efe, alongside up and coming singer Berri-Tiga, have dragged each other over the ownership of the smash tune, “Machala”.

The song which was released on Friday, July 29, 2022, held the number one position on the Apple Music Top Songs Nigeria Chart as well as charting on the Afrobeats Billboard Chart.


However, in a shocking turn of events, the song was removed from all major platforms, which is largely speculated to be due to split issues.


Carter Efe in an interview had already said that he had the original idea of the song and reached out to Berri-Tiga to give it some spice. However, there have been some issues after Berri-Tiga clarified online that “he wrote and sang the song 100%.”


That comment, which trended online, triggered Carter Efe to say “his side of the story”, labeling Berri-Tiga as “ungrateful” for wanting to claim ownership of the song. According to the comedian, he wanted to also put another singer, Hotkid, on the song, but Berri-Tiga begged him not to.



See the screenshots below:

Responding to Carter Efe’s claims, Berri Tiga released a video stating that he wasn’t claiming ownership of the song but was just stating that he wrote and sang the complete song and should be carried along.

According to the singer, Carter Efe offered him a 95% – 5% deal (in favour of Carter) as the splitting deal for the song.

He also revealed that at some point, Carter Efe and another Instagram comedian who doubles as a label owner, Sydney Talker, offered him the sum of a hundred thousand naira to pay him off for the song.

Berri Tiga also stated that Carter Efe was attending shows to perform the songs alone and wasn’t filling him in as regards the promotional activities of the song anymore.

See screenshots below:-

Hmmm, this story get as e be!!

I think both artistes are at fault, Carter Efe should have offered Berri Tiga a better deal since the song blew and Berri Tiga being the writer and the composer deserved to be carried along, that’s a scale of being fair.

Berri Tiga on the other hand, should have known a deal is a deal, nobody forced you to sign. Stating the deal out is just a way to get public sympathy. If the song didn’t blow he probably won’t come out to say all these. That’s my 2 cents on this.

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