DO YOU AGREE?? Religion, Society & Other People Are The Problems Of African Women

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Many difficulties confront the African woman. She’s tethered to a lot of things. Below are things that limit and depict the sufferings of an African woman:

1. Religion

Religion binds her lips, of course! The African lady is compelled to keep her feelings and ideas to herself because of her religion.

2. Other Women

Other women: When someone says that “some are their own worst enemies,” do you think of the phrase? It’s relevant here, too. The majority of women are constantly looking for methods to knock down their female counterparts.

3. Men

There is just one word to describe these gentlemen: men! They’re yet another complication! African men desire to “tame” the lady, according to the average. Even though she is his property, he uses force to get her to submit.

4. The Society

Women in today’s society are getting smaller and smaller. It’s made them feel small and insignificant compared to the guys!

We are capable of much more than this! Never, under any circumstances, allow these things to drag you down or kill your joy, dear African woman!

What more may bring the African woman to her knees that hasn’t been been mentioned?

What are the other things an African woman suffer from?

Let’s hear from you all as regards this.

Drop your comments below.👇👇


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