Top 10 Tribes With The Most Handsome Men In Nigeria (Check Your Tribe)

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Here are the 10 tribes where you will find the most handsome men.

1. IGBO Men

Igbo men are arguably the most handsome men in Nigeria. The occupy the South Eastern part of the country and are also arguably the most hard working people in Nigeria.

2. Fulani Men

Predominantly in the Northern part of the county, The Fulani Men occupy the second spot on this list.

3. Hausa Men

Hausa is another important Nigerian ethnic group, and it may even be the largest. They live in northern Nigeria, where you are unlikely to have encountered many of them, but if you have, you should know that their males are among the country’s most attractive.

4. Yoruba Men

Call them demons if you like, it doesn’t take away the fact that their men are handsome. Yoruba men are number 4 on this list.

5. Igala Men

Although a small ethnic group, Igala people are originated mainly from Kogi state. They are also indigenous Igala people in Anambra, Edo, Delta and Enugu. Their men are handsome and are number 5 on this list.

6. Ijaw Men

A tribe in Nigeria called the Ijaw has some of the most gorgeous men, albeit it is not one of the larger tribes in the country.

7. Idoma Men

Idoma is a tribe in Nigeria and their men are also among the most handsome. I mean, Check out 2Baba Idibia na… (winkzzz)

8. Ibibio Men

Also a minor tribe in Nigeria and their men are hella cute.

9. Efik Men

This list will not be complete without them! Have you seen an Efik man? Oh Lawd!

10. Tiv Men

Tiv Men are as handsome as they perform in bed! Ask any woman dating or married to a Tiv Man for more details!

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