What’s So Special About Black Sherif And Why Do Nigerians Love Him?

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This young Ghanaian, Black Sherif, has not only taken over the Nigerian music space, but he has also taken part of Africa and the rest of the world with him as he pushes the kind of boundaries his Ghanaian colleagues have dreamed of for years.

Black Sherif became a sensation when his “Second Sermon” single went viral and became a national hit. The hit received a Burna Boy Remix and that made it into somewhat a Nigerian hit single and the rest is history.

Now, as a Ghanaian, he’s just an outsider here. He could’ve just ended up a one-hit-wonder. At least, as far as the Nigerian industry is concerned.

But last week he released his follow-up single to the hit, and now he’s on top of all of the charts and it’s starting to look like he ain’t going nowhere. So why are Nigerians digging Black Sherif? Why now? What’s so special about him?

What’s So Special About Black Sherif?


It’s all in the drill! I’ve seen conversations on social media about how Nigerians only started supporting Ghanaian artists after Shatta Wale’s illogical rants last year. But that’s just absurd.

Nigerians and Ghanaians, at least in the music industry, have always had a close relationship and some artists like Sarkodie owe their international success to the love they’ve received in Nigeria. The truth though is Sarkodie is more the exception than the rule.

The simple reason is Sarkodie is just a rapper and we have enough of that around here. So why should just any singer and rapper from another country become a sensation on the Nigerian scene if they don’t have anything special to offer?

But Black Sherif is championing a new type of sound that’s a fusion of afro vibes and drill rap. Drill is something Nigerians have tried in the past but haven’t been so successful at mostly because they end up doing songs that are not catchy enough to hold anyone’s attention for long.

Black Sherif has that formula. He has the drill vibe that can keep attention. He doesn’t even have to speak English, the flow will be stuck in your head and that’s why he’s had success.

If Black Sherif was just another Sarkodie and “Kweku The Traveler” was just another rap song, there is no way we will be talking about it this much.

Kweku is special and he has done what so many guys have failed at, so he deserves all the accolades he has gotten, and the ones he’s about to get.

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